Every project begins with an onsite consultation. I offer two options for this consultation service. The first option is geared towards preparing a detailed, inked, scaled plan. This form of consultation takes approximately 1.5-2.0 hours. My fee for this consultation is $150.00 plus GST. This is our time to discuss your wish list, answer any questions you way have and determine what elements need to be included in your plan. We will discuss flow of traffic, scale of features, privacy issues, architectural details, potential materials, and any issues you wish to address. A landscape design can be as simple as garden beds with the right planting or as complex as full scale manipulation of property grades, custom rooflines, outdoor kitchens, custom pools, wrought iron design and water features. During the consultation, I like to make a number of sketches to ensure we truly understand each other. As a designer of more than 25 years, I am confident that you will appreciate and enjoy this time and feel that we have honed in on the right design decisions for your property.

Once the consultation is complete, I send you a quote for your landscape plan and email your consultation notes. Before you commit to a plan, you will know the exact price of your design. My fee is based on $75.00 per hour plus GST. I guarantee the results of your landscape plan by not requesting a deposit until after the plan is presented on site. My aim will be to get the design 100% to your liking but if changes are required from the presentation, there will be no additional charge for these changes. Once the successful presentation is complete I would request 75% payment at that point. The design will then be finalized and the planting plan completed.

The second consultation option is to prepare a design on site. My charge is $250.00 plus GST and the maximum time is 3.0 hours. We would work together on this scaled drawing. This is appropriate for simple projects involving one part of the yard. For example, I would allow 15 minutes approximately to take the site measurement and another 15 minutes to draft this area to scale. This may be your front yard design. We then spend the remaining time working on one detail at a time. We would start with the hard landscape layout (walkways, raised planters), then the bed shapes and if possible plant selections. We move at a pace you are comfortable with. The intent is to complete this drawing but if more time is required than you have options for the plans completion.

You can reach me at 604-318-0221 with any questions you may have.

Best regards,
Vera Bedard
Bedard Landscape Design
Winner of 1 BCLNA Award of Excellence